1. New Product Development

From Concept to the Final Product

Inoris Medical Sp. z o.o. has been providing services related to the design and manufacture of plastic products for more than 12 years. To reduce the lead time from concept to final product, Inoris Medical Sp. z o.o. has formed teams of highly qualified engineers who specialize in tool design, injection molding and management.

2. Plastic Processing Services

Inoris Medical Sp. z o.o. has been providing plastic processing services by injection molding for over 15 years. Excellent knowledge of the field, supported by many years of experience in plastics processing (PC, POM, ABS, PA, PS, PP, PE), modern machine park and experienced personnel guarantee high quality and repeatability of our products.

Our machine park consists of the following injection molding machines:

No Machine name/Type Closing Force (kN) Year of production Maximum Injection Weight
1 Krauss Maffei CX-110/750 Blue Power 1100 kN 2014 198g
2 Wittman/Battenfeld Smart Power 80/200 Unilog B6P 800 kN 2016 120g
3 Engel Victory 200/ 50 Tech 500 kN 2009 90g
4 Engel Victory 60/ 28 Tech 280 kN 2015 15g



We perform tests of new tools as well as serial production.
Inoris Medical Sp. z o.o. is equipped with the Aberlink Axiom 600 TOO coordinate measuring center.
We make optical and contact measurements of details geometry using a coordinate measuring machine.


3. Measuring Services 




Services we provide:

  • measurements of X, Y, Z dimensions

  • measurments range (mm) X 640, Y 600, Z 500

  • volumetric accuracy: 2.4 + 0.4L/100 [µm]

  • measurements of rays, diameters, distances, angles, parallelism, perpendicularity

  • work in reflected or passing light

  • The ability to generate a .dxf file


Our offer includes:

  • preparation of the measurement procedure

  • measurement of selected features by means of an CMM machine

  • Data processing and report preparation

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